Cattail Studio / Sunset on the pier...

Cattail Studio / Sunset on the pier...

Founded in 2008 the  Carriage House Studios (CHSG) have offered  photography workshops, studio rental and gallery exhibition space in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our original location was in an historic landmark, an 1860's carriage house in the Logan Circle Arts District in Washington D.C.  Since then, Carriage House Studios has since expanded to offer activities in a number of venues in the Washington DC metro area (Cattail Landing, Wyoming Farm, StudioWerks DC), as well as New York City and Miami, Florida.  


We conduct a monthly series of photography  workshops to provide instruction on studio lighting, portrait, fashion, fine art and street photography photography, as well as digital printing.  We also have a registry of models and makeup artists to facilitate putting creative talent together for member's projects. 

Our studio photography workshops are held in Washington DC, at StudioWerks DC. The studio is located on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market, with excellent facilities. Photographers who attend Carriage House Studio workshops area eligible for a discount when joining StudioWerks DC.   

We also offer creative "on-location" workshops using other venues in the area, including the Cattail Landing (on the Chesapeake Bay),  the Wyoming Farm (PG County) as well as our popular hotel workshop series.

For our current list of workshops visit:

Studio Rental: 

We offer studio rentals at three locations, all within a 1 hour driving distance from Washington D.C. and Baltimore. The studio locations include the Cattail Landing (indoor studio / outdoors Chesapeake Bay wetlands, woods and waterfront),  La Maison (a French country home with modern European furnishings and an outdoor pool in the woods) and Wyoming Farm (an historic tobacco farm in Prince George's County).    We thereby provide a variety of different options for your creative work! 

As of Jan 1, 2017 Fees to use our studios are $25/hr Mon to Thur, and $40/hr Fri to Sun. However, there may be exceptions to these rates depending on the location and the day required.  To reserve the studio, we require payment of a $25 deposit which is non-refundable in case of cancellation. A signed Waiver of Liability is required when using the studio for the first time.  

STUDIO AVAILABILITY/CALENDAR: To determine studio availability visit our CALENDAR tab.  To reserve studio time us the CONTACT US form to send a request.

Equipment Rental: 

We offer professional lighting equipment for these studio locations, including:

- 5x 500W Hensel monolights w. Pocket Wizards

- softboxes, strip box, snoot, beauty dish and umbrellas

- Manfrotto seamless paper background (stock white and grey paper)

- plasma 60" tv screen for tethered shooting

- a variety of props and accessories 

Use of the studio lighting equipment and Pocket Wizards is $50 per shoot 

Photography Gallery: 

We hold photography exhibits featuring both photographers who are part of the Carriage House Studio, as well as other talented photographers.  Recent exhibits have included fashion, figurative and urban/street photography and we have a on-going program of future exhibits.

Printer and Photoshop Facilities: 

The Cattail Studio also features a complete digital MAC workstation, with Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, and a 20" Cinemascope monitor, and 44" inch Epson 9900 and 24"  Epson 3800 printers.  We offer workshops on printing, as well as one on one sessions with photographers who want to print their color or black and white work on Hannemuelle, Ilford, Epson papers, as well as canvas and other materials.


Each year we identify talented local models and of course, receive visits from traveling models from both the US and overseas.  Our "Model in Residence" series continues to make these models available to you! 

We will also offer a monthly portfolio development package with the studio location and model as a great way to build your portfolio!

Logistics and details about our workshops, rental of Cattai Studio, La Maison, and Wyoming Farm are posted in upcoming announcements, on our website, and on our Eventbrite page.

Social Media and Terms of Use:

We are continuously working  to offer our community of photographers new and more powerful ways to promote, share and develop their photography skills.  However, many social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, etc... ) have established restrictions about artistic expression in their Terms of Use, that may affect members of our community. 

As a result, on July 1, 2018 because of the constant censorship of art nude images by these social media platforms, we launched our Patreon website, in order to create an online community of photographers and models who support our workshops, events and Model in Residence program.  Our motto is "To create and express, not acquire and repress." If you would like to be a patron your support would be appreciated! A sustaining membership is just $1 a month :)

Alternatively,  if you prefer not be a Patron subscriber,  please join our  mailing list of photographers, models, creatives and others interested in photography, who we can reach out to using  artistic content.   Our  monthly newsletter and mailing list are  a great way to learn about our events and community of creatives, free-lancers, professionals and others who enjoy photography

Please use the SUBSCRIBE tab to  sign up for information about our workshops, photography exhibits and social events.


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The Carriage House Studio